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HP-722 "Bobbi vs Maria"




TITLE: Bobbi vs Maria Complete Video COST: $29 ~ 29 MINUTES




Description of HP-722:

This is a match between Bobbi (played by Hollywood) and Maria (played by Lightning). It starts out with Bobbi being interviewed first by the cameraman and then Maria. Each describes their favorite holds and why they are anxious for the match to start. Bobbi is older than Maria and wants to show off her wrestling skills (trained by Judell Dulong) for her husband (the reason the match is being videotaped). Bobbi is much taller than Maria and plans to use that to her advantage by placing Maria in a headlock than throwing her to the mat and use her powerful legs to scissor her into a submission. The rules for the match are simple, there is no time limit with falls determined by submission only (until one girl gives up completely). The match starts with Bobbi wearing a tiny blue bikini while Maria wears a black two piece outfit. Bobbi places Maria in a headlock but when they hit the mat it is Maria applying the leg scissors forcing Bobbi to submit. Round two doesn’t go any better for Bobbi as Maria pins her forcing another submission. In round three Bobbi finally gets Maria in her legs with a scissors around Maria’s neck, then a figure four but Maria gets out of both and applies a Boston crab forcing Bobbi to submit once more. Rounds 4, 5, and 6 go no better for poor Bobbi. Finally Bobbi is forced to admit that Maria has stronger legs, a better body and is a much better wrestler. It is a humiliating defeat for the proud girl in front of the video camera (husband and friends). But for anyone that purchases this video, Hollywood looks super-hot in all the holds Lightning can apply (camel clutch, leg scissors, stomach claws). Her tight abs look terrific when being stretched in a full nelson. Lightning shows she is truly the better wrestler!!!


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