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HP-011 Paybacks Are A Bitch


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Description of Paybacks Are A Bitch:

        Hurricane paces the room looking annoyed and prepared for battle as her fists are taped up and ready to go. Hollywood enters the room  in a sexy black outfit, but appearing tired, battered, and bloodied as she is returning from a match she has just finished. The Hurricane recognizes Hollywood as the opponent that was responsible for her three stiches in there last meeting, and issues a challenge with an irritated sound to her voice, even calling Hollywood a bitch and obviously eager to pay her back. Disinterested, Hollywood is tired from her just completed match and refuses the challenge. However, the Hurricane continues to taunt her, and invites Hollywood to take the first punch.
       Not to be denied, the Hurricane explodes on Hollywood unexpectedly and begins to hammer away at Holly's face and belly. Beyond walking away, and now irritated herself, Hollywood fights back even though she is on the brink of exhaustion. The Hurricane seems to absorb Hollywoods blows with no ill effect, and being enraged still from their last encounter, is still seeking payback BIGTIME!
        What ensues is a vicious catfight as both vixens take turns with the upperhand and batter their foe with no mercy. But Hurricane is driven by vengeance, and with poor Hollywood already aching from a previous battle, a beatdown begins to materialize. The Hurricane batters Hollywood mercilously as she re-opens previous wounds to draw blood. Wrestling moves are mixed in with pure brutality as Hollywood is throw into furniture and walls, and then beaten about. The Hurricane uses chokes, kicks, punches, and even foreign objects to fill the room with the smacking sound of weapons reaching there target. More blood is drawn and The Hurricane responds not unlike a shark. Poor Hollywood can only hope for mercy as she is unable to defend herself from an onslaught of attacks. The constant offensive by The Hurricane takes it's toll as Hollywood is reduced to a stupor and can only wince as the blows are driven into her.
       This video even has some outrageous special effects as Hurricane hammers away at Hollywood frame by frame! Cries of mercy fall on deaf ears as an out of control Hurricane Havana delivers low blows, kidney punches, and stomps to an unprotected opponent. An evil delight seems to fuel The Hurricane as she elicits the smacking sound of flesh with belly punches and forearm smashes. Hollywood's cries for mercy stop only when she loses conciousness, at which point The Hurricane finally backs off and assumes a victory pose.
      This video rivals "The Trap" series in intensity as Hollywood suffers a beatdown at the hands of a maniacal opponent. Left beaten and bloodied, it is no doubt that someone has learned that "Paybacks are a Bitch"!




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