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HP-523 Gunfight Struggle

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Description of HP-523 Gunfight Struggle:

In this video, Hollywood starts out behind the garage. She is battling against an unknown enemy looking gorgeous as always in skin tight blue jeans, black boots, a white halter top and her trademark gun belt worn low as always. She also has on a black belt with a skull and crossbones belt buckle. What makes this video different is Hollywood actually is involved in a gun battle. For instance, in the first scenario she moves behind several bushes firing two shots at a time. She lays on her perfectly formed stomach firing from under a bush never looking better. Finally she gets tired and stands out from behind a bush to get the perfect shot but instead takes a shot in the belly. Next she starts from behind the house and heads up the side of the yard, carefully moving from bush to bush. After firing a number of shots she reloads her gun. When she sees the stalker running she steps out from behind a bush and takes careful aim. Unfortunately the stalker also takes aim and Hollywood eats lead again. As she lays on the ground the camera pans up and down her terrific body. Next Hollywood is seen in a black iron cross bikini top. Once again she searches the back yard looking for her assailant. She never looked better as the sunlight glints off of her gorgeous stomach. The sun and shadows playing on her tan. After looking in the garage, she streaks across the yard. But she gets surprised from behind and is shot again. This time we find her asleep in the house but so does the stalker. The next couple of scenes are from the eyes of the stalker. The stalker reaches out (you only see his hand) and grabs Hollywood by her picturesque neck, choking her until she is out. Again the camera pans her gorgeous but helpless body. Next the stalker grabs a piece of pipe and wakes our sleeping beauty up by smacking her stomach. He continues to hit her in the abs until he chokes her out by using the pipe against her swan like neck. Next we find our heroine in front of the mirror in her bathroom. She hears a noise in the house and heads out to investigate. When she enters the living room with her gun held high, the stalker is able to grab the gun, knocking it out of her hand, and then chokes her out. When the stalker gets careless with the gun, Hollywood grabs it and shoots the stalker. The last several scenes are shot from the stalkers eyes which gives this video a different look. This is one video where the beautiful gun slinger actually wins!! But there are still great scenes of her perfect body lying helpless on the ground. This video has a little of everything in it!!!

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