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hhhhHP-353 Down & Out In Hollywood



TITLE: Down & Out In Hollywood Complete Video COST: $31 ~ 31 MINUTES




Description of HP-353:

Hollywood enters the room in her star spangled bikini surprised to see Afrika waiting patiently. A brief exchange of words reveals that Afrika has come to challenge Hollywood, and she offers Hollywood to take her best shot. Hollywood proceeds to throw huge punches at Afrika's well muscled body and smirking face. Soon, it becomes evident that Hollywood had her hands full as the powerfully built Afrika proves to be an adversary of epic proportion.
Afrika now takes the initiative to counterattack, and she tosses Hollywood about like a ragdoll, smashing her into the wall. A damaging blow to Hollywood's abs elicits a look of horror on Hollywood's face as Afrika drives several more hard fists deep into Hollywood's belly. Hollywood already appears hurt as she sinks to the floor, prior to being tossed back onto the mats. Afrika stomps the fallen lass in the midsection, then heaves her about the room. Hollywood is overwhelmed as her foe slaps her about, then goes to work on her stomach with heavy hands. Poor Hollywood can only shriek as Afrika throws big forearm smashes into her chest, then pummels her further with kicks and punches to the belly.
Pleading gasps from Hollywood gain no mercy as Afrika continues the beatdown, choking and throttling our gorgeous favorite wrestler. Screams of pain fill the room as Afrika crushes Hollywood's ribs with a bone splintering leg scissors, and while she reminds Hollywood that she is quite powerful. But the massively powerful Afrika is by no means done as this video is one of the worst one sided squashes of Hollywood's career. Afrika shows no mercy as Hollywood's body is viciously worked over to an extreme. Hollywood is k.o.ed several times throughout the battle, then awakened and punished more. Battered and bloodied, the fallen champ ultimately becomes a senseless ragdoll, her perfectly shaped body the target of a demented and overzealous combatant that will leave you without a doubt knowing that she is a powerful force to be reckoned with!



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