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HP-545 The Double Crosser



TITLE: The Double Crosser Complete Video COST: 30 TOKENS

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TITLE: The Double Crosser Part 1 COST: 15 TOKENS

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TITLE: The Double Crosser Part 2 COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-545:

It seems our favorite girl has decided to make some quick cash by turning to a life of crime. She and her partner, Randy M, just knocked over a liquor store but in the confusion, Hollywood managed to get away with the cash and ditch her partner. This video clip starts out with Hollywood entering an empty house. She is wearing a sweat shirt and sweat pants. As she hides the, money she removes the sweat shirt revealing a tiny black bikini top with flowers as well as her terrific body. She heads for the bathroom to freshen up (as if she needed to) when suddenly her gorgeous partner shows up demanding her share of the loot. Randy looks awesome in a tiny lime green bikini top, hot denim shorts and boots. At first she is wearing a white shirt, opened to show off her abs. She attacks Hollywood when Hollywood continues to deny having any money. They throw each other against the wall and exchange body punches until a right cross sends Randy to the floor out cold. After removing Randy's shirt (to hinder her escape), she attempts to call the police to come and get the unconscious robber, but Randy comes to and slams Hollywood in the back. and throws her to the floor. This fight features two gorgeous bodies rolling around and exchanging choke holds. Finally, Randy manages to KO Hollywood with a punch to the jaw. After removing Hollywood's sweat pants, she places her in a chair and ties her up. With Hollywood still not admitting to having any money, Randy heads off to find it on her own. Hollywood manages to squeeze out of the ropes (looking hot as always tied up and squirming), attacks Randy. After exchanging more body punches and choke holds, Randy maneuvers Hollywood into a sleeper hold, knocking her out. But when she drags Hollywood back to the chair and attempts to tie her up, Hollywood wakes up and surprises her. In a one sided fight, which includes a camel clutch and leg scissors, Hollywood places her in a sleeper hold, sending Randy into dream land. At this point the lovely but tired Hollywood has had enough, gathers up the money and her sweat suit, and attempts to leave. But Randy is not done yet and grabs Hollywood at the door and the fight continues. Will Hollywood succeed in escaping with the stolen loot? thereby "Double Crossing" her beautiful ex-partner? Or will Randy turn the tables and escape with the cash and turn Hollywood in? Either way, whoever buys this clip is the real winner. Two gorgeous headstrong beauties in a pretty even fight!!!


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