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hhhhHP-099 The Academy Awards Battle

Hollywood vs Robin vs Antonio




TITLE: The Academy Awards Battle Complete Video COST: $32 ~ 32 Minutes




Description of HP-099:

Get ready for a very unique and innovative video here…most 2 on 1 mixed matches are two gals pounding on one guy. What we get here is Hollywood and the Queen of Facesitting, Robin destroying Antonio AND going at it with each other at the same time. We also get one heck of a plot set up as Hollywood and Robin are watching the Pre-Academy awards show wearing nothing but their bra and undies, waiting for their designer, Antonio to show up with their dresses so they can attend. Listening to these two hotties ripping on the competition is fun in and of itself, but when they notice their dress on other celebrities followed by Antonio arriving with a polyester version of it, the fun really begins. The girls immediately get him under their overpowering control with a series of leg scissors and smothers, the first of which is a double breast smother. Remember, this guy’s a stereotypical clothes designer and not exactly into girls in any capacity. So, as Holly and Robin “torture” him with their lovely bodies, he is in no way into any of it, and screams for mercy. Robin follows up the scissoring with a deep, deep facesit while Hollywood works on various bodyparts with punches, kicks, and twists. Its at this point that they start to bicker a bit over the one dress he brought that they each wanted, and chaos starts to ensue thereafter as they go at it with one another. After they’ve had enough of each other, they return to Antonio when Robin plants her feet on his face leading to Hollywood sitting on them for a special kind of double smother. Things get really intense from here as we see the girls fighting again while sitting on his face. Where have you ever seen that done before but here? Alas, Hollywood and Robin make amends at last to finish off Antonio but good. Wait until you see the TOTEM POLE FACESIT!!!! Let your mind fill in the blanks on what that it is, (yes, its exactly what you think). After this Hollywood again starts stretching him in all kinds of ways while at the same time, Robin is grinding and riding his face like a bucking bronco. What a finale!!! Hollywood and Robin are at their sexiest and best in this video!


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