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HP-713 The Robber & The Cop




TITLE: The Robber & The Cop Complete Video COST: $22 ~ 22 MINUTES




Description of HP-713:

Randy is dressed in jeans and a button down red shirt, she is a tough cop. She is about to arrest a robber  (played by Hollywood, dressed in low riding jeans and a bikini top) in a living room. Randy has a belt with handcuffs and commands the robber stand against the wall. The cop then frisks the sexy robber,  Holly then turns around and grabs one of Randy's arms, bending it behind her back, and then with the other arm starts choking Randy, she then uses 2 hands to choke her out. Holly replies "Well, well, things change fast ? Don't you think so, little copper?" Randy struggles, but Holly chokes her into unconsciousness. She becomes limp in Holly's arms. Her upper body is hanging forward, Holly is holding her around her waist then takes her down to a table, unbuttons her shirt and takes off Randy's jeans, Holly begins a belly punch beat down on the unlucky cop, punching her very hard in her lower stomach, all you can hear are the groans and moans of Randy. Holly next takes the semi-unconscious girl into a chair and ties her hands  behind her back and secures the rope around her tight abs and starts punching Randy in the stomach, when Holly removes the rope Randy collapses on the floor. Holly drags the cop onto the couch hanging her upside down over the couch and begins another series of punches to her abdomen. Next the villain takes the cop onto the floor for more relentless punishment.  Get this HOT vid with the best 2 girls in the business !


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