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HP-712 "The Proud Fall Hard"




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TITLE: "The Proud Fall Hard" Complete COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-712:

This video is for those that like a little 2 on 1 domination. Hollywood starts out in the bedroom. She is extremely confident and looks super-hot in a tiny black bikini with yellow trim and black wrestling boots. She doesn't notice Layla (in a blue and white stripped bikini) and Michelle (in a solid blue bikini) sneaking up behind her. Layla puts Hollywood in a devastating sleeper hold,knocking out the over confident babe. The two girls carry Hollywood into the living room. After awakening the gorgeous girl, the 2 on 1 beat down starts. They totally destroy Hollywood, with each girl taking turns holding Hollywood in a full nelson as their partner beats on her helpless abs. Tossing her back and forth, taking turns whaling on Hollywood’s unprotected stomach. They use stomach punches, leg kicks, stomach claws, finally knocking her out with a right cross to the jaw. However, when they wake Hollywood to continue the torture, Hollywood ducks and Layla KO’s her partner Michelle. Hollywood takes advantage of Layla and knocks her out also. Hollywood separates the two girls by carrying Layla back to the bedroom over her shoulder. Now it is Hollywood’s turn to retaliate. But, now that Hollywood has the advantage, will she forget she is fighting two foes? With them in separate rooms, it is easy to beat up Layla, but what is Michelle doing in the meantime? Hollywood never looked better than in this skimpy bikini. All three girls do a great job of applying holds and punches as well as taking them. And there is plenty of furniture to fall on!!! Will Hollywood continue to dominate? Or is she just a little too proud for her own good?


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