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HP-430 Hollywood vs Tylene

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Description of Hollywood vs Tylene:

Hollywood and Tylene enter the squared circle to do combat, and these two ladies look spectacular!!! Donning bikini and sneakers (Hollywood in that dangerously sexy Gold Bikini!) they enter the ring for once hot, hot battle.
We start out as the two ladies warm up, stretching and loosening their curvaceous bodies. This sets the tone of this incredibly sexy match! The two lock up, and Hollywood establishes her immediate superiority as she slams Tylene to the mat. Tylene winces in pain, and gets up slowly. However, Tylene soon wipes the smirk from Hollywood's face as she returns the favor and sends Hollywood down hard with a body slam. Hollywood grabs her back and reels in pain, knowing this is the start of a tough match.
The two continue to exchange holds, but Tylene puts Hollywood down with a massive forearm to the chest. Hollywood is down, and Tylene gloats as she struts about the ring. As the two go to ground, Tylene traps Hollywood in a vicious ankle lock, and it virtually appears she intentionally hurts Hollywood in an effort to gain advantage. As Hollywood grimaces in pain and clutches her ankle, Tylene once again struts about the ring, showcasing her tantalizing body.
Hollywood finally gets to her feet and limps to the ring corner, unable to put weight on her injured ankle. This would have been an appropriate time to stop the match, and it would have saved poor Hollywood quite a bit of agony! As Hollywood struggle to engage Tylene, her unforgiving opponent slams her into the corner turnbuckle and delivers a hard knee into Hollywood's ribs. Hollywood gasps for air as Tylene goes to work on her belly, pounding her with her fists. Hollywood is trapped in the corner, and unable to  mount a counteroffensive, then, Tylene clamps on a crotch claw that has Hollywood writhing in pain! Now Tylene mercilessly works Hollywood's belly and crotch with hard blows and nasty claws. Hard punches are delivered to Hollywood's beautiful breasts, which make the poor lass grimace in pain.  Hollywood is slumped on the ropes virtually senseless as the beating continues until Hollywood slides down to the canvas as she is hammered to oblivion along the way.
Once again goreous Tylene works the ring like a Vegas Show Girl, showing off her awesome body. She flexes her sexy calves, wiggles her tight ass, and smiles at the camera with her pouting, sensuous lips. Then, she faces the ring corner and puts a foot on the top rope to give her fans an awesome view!!! Bad move...
Hollywood is recovering in the other ring corner, grasping her aching breasts and crotch, and she is PISSED! Never turn your back on Hollywood, even if you think she is finished off!!! As Tylene teases the camera, Hollywood seizes the opportunity to deliver a vicious kick to her exposed crotch! Tylene goes reeling to the canvas, and a limping Hollywood exits the ring, only to grasp Tylene's ankles and pull her crotch first into the corner post. Tylene shrieks in pain as Hollywood punishes her crotch as she yanks on Tylene's ankles to increase the pressure.
Hollywood re-enters the ring while Tylene sobs and clutches her aching crotch. She is now dragged to the center of the ring, where Hollywood claws at both of Tylene's ample breasts. Next, as Tylene begs for mercy, Hollywood traps her in a reverse bearhug, then lifts the beauty into the air and drops her crotch onto a hard, awaiting knee. Tylene now toils in the center of the ring, the match possible over.
But as Tylene moans in pain, Hollywood falls to the canvas also, her ankle no longer able to support her... But the match continues, and what follows is two vicious hellcats each focusing on their opponents weakness. One girl suffers quite the crotch workover...get this exciting video and find out which of these hotties prevails!!!

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