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HP-588 The Mentor




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Description of HP-588:

Our gorgeous Hollywood is running a school to train girls as security guards. For their final exam, Layla and Roxi have are given the task of guarding a money bag. Layla is wearing a print bikini, Roxi is wearing a striped zebra bikini and Hollywood is wearing a tiny gold bikini and gold wrestling boots. Hollywood first gives them the bag and tells them to guard it carefully. Their final grade depends on it. But the two young girls argue over which one should hold the bag, start fighting and end up knocking each other out. Hollywood retrieves the bag and looks at the girls in disbelief, then leaves the bag. When they wake up, they continue to argue. This allows Hollywood to sneak up and place them in a Vulcan Death Grip (neck pinch) until they both pass out. In the next scene, Roxi has Layla stand by the door since she has to use the bathroom. While Roxi is gone, Hollywood sneaks up on Layla and after a brief fight, KOs her with a right cross. When Roxi returns she catches Hollywood by surprise but Hollywood still manages to knock her out with an upper cut. In the next scene the two would be guards are standing back to back. They are sure that Hollywood cannot get them this time but are still arguing over which one is the better guard and deserves to pass. The bickering distracts them enough that Hollywood is able to bang their pretty heads together. Then she KOs Layla with a series of punches, then takes care of Roxi with a sleeper hold followed by an upper cut. In the following scene, Layla has the bag by the front door and Roxi is by the hallway. They are sure Hollywood cannot "get" them this time. But, as they continue to bicker, Hollywood sneaks up and grabs Roxi. But this time Layla hears the struggle and races to Roxi's aid for a little 2 on 1. Has Hollywood's "Luck" run out? Will the two pupils finally manage to defeat "The Mentor" and successfully guard the bag? Will the beaten golden girl be forced to give them a passing grade? Or will she leave the girls out cold with an F? Either way, no students ever looked hotter nor a teacher look sexier!!!


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