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HP-065 Hollywood A Go- Go


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Description of Hollywood A Go-Go:

Hollywood is practicing her dance routines...which is quite entertaining to watch, and worth the price of this video alone. Her routine is soon stopped by one, very P.O.ed Jewel! Jewel at this time is only covered by a feather boa, and begins laying into Hollywood, for stealing her best customer.

Well Hollywood is not going to take this, and from here, one wild catfight breaks loose! The two beauties rip into each other with a vengeance! The nude Jewel wants to rip Hollywood apart for taking away her customer. Does she do this? I wont say, but I will say she manages to rip most of Hollywood's clothes off in the process.

Both beauties put each other through the ringer in this one. Breasts are mauled, crotches mauled, hair pulled, punches thrown with authority, devastating scissors holds, bearhugs, choking and of course face sitting! can all be found in this thrilling video.

This one is for the lover of catfights! These two are out to humiliate and destroy each other, but only one can achieve total victory in the end, which will it be? Hollywood is veteran scrapper, but Jewel is a tough new kid on the block.

One hears the music playing for her next set to begin, and cranks up the violence level to finish this fight, to get to the stage, leaving her opponent completely beaten into oblivion. A must see matchup!

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