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HP-492 Hollywood vs Honey in "Who's The Better Wrestler?"

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Description of HP-492 Hollywood vs Honey in "Who's The Better Wrestler?":

Honey (looking good wearing a tiny print bikini) is working out on a mat on Hollywood's time. Hollywood enters the scene looking super hot in a skimpy black bikini that really shows off her curves. She is visibly upset that Honey is still there on the mat. Honey explains that she is not finished but Hollywood is hearing none of it. She attacks Honey with a vengeance. Honey thinks she can defend herself but soon realizes it is hopeless. Hollywood is an expert at torturing when she wants to be. She places a leg scissors around Honey's petite waist, places her in a full nelson, then uses an arm bar that evolves into a camel clutch. After placing her in a Lotus hold, Honey tries to tap out but Hollywood will have none of that either and continues placing the hapless girl in many more torturous holds. Hollywood is an expert wrestler. After a short time the phone rings and it is Honey's boyfriend. Hollywood sarcastically tells him he can pick up his "black and blue" girlfriend later. Hollywood continues her torture using a grapevine hold, Japanese strangle hold, figure four, leg scissors, stomach claws, all the time asking Honey to admit that Hollywood is the better wrestler. At first Honey refuses but finally gives in. But it is too late as Hollywood ends the poor girl's misery with a sleeper hold. The video ends with Honey out on the floor and Hollywood looking for a phone to inform her boyfriend it is time to come and get her. Nobody but nobody looks better torturing her prey. Hollywood has the hottest leg scissors around. And poor Honey's body sure took a beating (but still looks HOT!!!)

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