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HP-039 Hollywood vs Stacy


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Description of Hollywood vs Stacy:

Hollywood struts in sporting her championship belt and boasting how she can't be beat. Stacy, who isn't impressed by what Hollywood is saying, or the fact that she towers over her in height (especially with Stacy being barefoot and Hollywood in 7 inch heels), decides to prove that she can take Hollywood. And in a big way!

Well that's all it takes, and a battle is under way. The little blonde beauty goes at it in her most fierce manner ever! Has Hollywood underestimated her smaller opponent? Stacy has never been seen like this before, she's at her all time meanest, and does anything and everything to Hollywood. The little blonde continuously pummels every part of Hollywood, especially her stomach!

If one sided dominations are to your liking, along with tons of belly punching. Or seeing a smaller girl dominate a bigger one. OR if you just like seeing Hollywood get her ass completely kicked , then this video is for you!


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