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hhhhHP-801 The Trap VII (Part 6)

I Can Hurt Holly Better Than You...




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Description of HP-801:

The Trap VII (Part 6) – I Can Hurt Holly Better than You…

The Trap VII (Part 5) ended with Jennifer Thomas and her boyfriend Gary carrying a freshly-beaten Hollywood from the ring in order to take her home with them so that they could continue to torture her at their leisure.  They took some pictures as they did their brutal work at home, and posted them on social media with bragging comments congratulating themselves on the worst destruction ever of Hollywood.  These posts were seen by Francesca, the star of the Trap II and III– the first “matches” in Hollywood’s current long journey of devastation.  Fran did not appreciate their comments, thinking that the initial severe beatings of Hollywood dished out by Lisa and herself were what gave all of the later upstarts the chance to take advantage of a helpless Golden Avenger.  After a war of words on the Internet, the two ladies decided to take Hollywood back to Darrius’s ring to conduct a little contest to see who could beat her up the worst.

The action starts with Jennifer and Darrius dumping a still unconscious (but stirring) Hollywood back in the ring.  As they do a little light stomping of her, they discuss the dispute with Fran. Darrius says that he has come up with the rules of a contest that will decide which of the two of them is the best destroyer of Hollywood.  Since Fran has not yet arrived, they decide not to waste a good opportunity, so they drag Hollywood to the edge of the ring and begin to work her over more seriously.  As they are laying into Hollywood, Fran arrives and is doubly furious, not only about Jennifer’s boasts, but also that they had started the beating without her.  She grabs a club and quickly catches up to them on causing damage, but the contest seems to be devolving into a free-for-all, until Darrius gains control and lays out the simple rules.  They will each alternate in destroying five different parts of Hollywood’s body for one-minute rounds.  In between each part, they will each get a minute to destroy Hollywood’s stomach in different positions.  So nine rounds each – whichever one of them wins at least five is crowned the winner.  Darrius will be their judge, helper and sometimes participant.

The destruction during the contest is everything that you would expect and more from the Trap VII series.  Fran and Jennifer work themselves into breathlessness beating Hollywood’s face, back, feet, ass and crotch, while in between each new body part they get to enjoy the opportunity to destroy her abs in four different poses, including a tree of woe and over-the-shoulder backbreaker.  Every manner of attack is employed and various clubs and pipes are used to amplify the destruction of their already badly injured prey.  Without spoiling the result, one of the contestants ends up delighted while the other takes her anger out on the victim.  Once again, Darrius defuses the situation by reminding them that they all have the common goal of wanting to hurt Hollywood as much as possible, and that the best way to achieve the goal is to work together.  Now teammates, the trio spend the last few minutes of the video dishing out triple-team destruction, and the video fades to credits with Hollywood’s stretched-out stomach being mercilessly pummeled by the feet, fists and clubs of all three of them, with seemingly no end in sight.

This installment has all of the hallmarks of The Trap VII series – multiple attackers on a completely helpless ragdoll victim, a variety of vicious methods of destruction and the humor in doling it out that you have come to expect from Hollywood’s attackers.  Their teasing banter contrasts with the vicious damage that they are inflicting their beautiful damsel-in-(major) distress who is now in her second day of absorbing nearly non-stop beatdowns.  The ending implies that Hollywood’s inevitable trip to the hospital is still not coming soon, so we can only wait in anticipation to see what more relentless abuse her perfect body and face will have to endure.




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