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hhhhHP-057 Agent Hollywood vs The Creep




TITLE: Agent Hollywood vs The Creep Complete Video COST: $32 ~ 32 MINUTES




Description of HP-057:

Imagine being stripped to your boxers, lying there defenseless as a tall, shapely, aggressive beauty stands over you…slowly zippering up the exposed back on her skin-tight, black cat suit. You’re completely at her mercy. Well, you’ve just imagined the opening of Hollywood’s newest action packed pounding of her latest male victim.

The vicious side of Hollywood makes a triumphant return as Agent H has begun the interrogation of her prisoner, The Creep. Her goal is to pound the hell out of him until he reveals the detonation codes. The Creep is embarrassingly groveling in front of his shapely captor with one of The Agent’s stockings covering his head and a pair of her panties around his neck…she laughingly refers to him as “Panty-Head”.

The groin shots begin almost immediately. We’re talking real contact here, folks. Hollywood can be quite the little Hellcat when she wants to be…so, after doubling him over with a clean shot to the solar plexus, she winds up and !*#POW#!*!…right in the groin. Punches, kicks, knees….all targeted to the wimp’s balls. No mercy! He’s pinned against the wall and told to spread his legs…Agent H gets a running start and then kicks a field goal right through HIS uprights. You’ll feel the contact just by watching!

A haymaker of a punch knocks him out, leading us into a bit of bondage. She ties him up with her other stocking and proceeds to pounce on his entire body in every way imaginable…almost like she’s tenderizing a giant slab of meat. His slovenly body is motionless until she unleashes the devastating testicular claw. This is the move you’ve been hearing about and Hollywood applies the move with devastating fury…twisting it like a doorknob. To provide some variety in her torture, an onslaught of combination punches focus on his soft gut, leaving it a bright pink color.

Pulling The Creep up to his knees, Agent H kicks another field goal and announces she’s going to “smash his face like a pancake”. She peels off her top exposing a sexy bra and then proceeds to facesit him from all angles…some very sexy facesitting here…better than he deserves. She shimmies and rubs all over his panty covered face. Breast smothering next comes into play resulting in her bra “accidentally” popping off. Agent H now takes out her full fury on him for causing her “accidental” exposure, deciding to maul and pummel his balls until he reveals the detonation code. Will The Creep give up the code? Or better yet, will Agent Hollywood give up on kicking him in the nuts even if he does give up the code? What do you think?


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