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HP-687 Weapons of Mob Destruction



TITLE: Weapons of Mob Destruction Part 1 COST: $8 ~ 8 MINUTES

TITLE: Weapons of Mob Destruction Part 2 COST: $7 ~ 7 MINUTES

TITLE: Weapons of Mob Destruction Part 3 COST: $7 ~ 7 MINUTES

TITLE: Weapons of Mob Destruction Complete Video COST: $22 ~ 22 MINUTES





Description of HP-687:

Francesca is the new "mob wife" in town planning to take over and control all mob activities and criminal dealings. But local crime queen and fellow mob wife Hollywood isn't going to let the newcomer control anything! Protecting her Empire, Hollywood decides to pay her rival a visit and show her who's boss. Ruthless Francesca is on the couch counting cash dressed in a low cut black mini dress and heels as Hollywood storms in dressed in the same attire. After a heated exchange, Hollywood pulls a gun from her handbag and gives Francesca the choice of leaving town now or getting rid of her. Francesca quickly knocks the gun out of Holly's hand and the two mobsters start circling and get into a catfight. After a good battle Hollywood KOs Francesca ties her up and gives her one last chance to leave town... Francesca agrees, but then kicks Hollywood off of her and they get into a stiletto fight! Francesca loses her shoe but grabs a knife off of the table and they start a knife fight! Get this very HOT video with two veterans who know how to catfight! And see which girl will stand victoriously over the other!!!


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