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hhhhHP-754 Early Check Out Part II



TITLE: Early Check Out II Complete Video COST: $21 ~21 MINUTES




Description of HP-754:

Hollywood is a bounty hunter that has finally caught up with Sumiko, a jewel thief. Hollywood looks super in a tiny black bikini, black boots, and her trusty gun belt. Sumiko looks great in a skimpy white bikini. Hollywood enters Sumiko's hotel room with her gun drawn and plenty of rope. She catches Sumiko by surprise and has her tie her own feet together. But when Hollywood tries to tie her hands behind her back, Sumiko elbows Hollywood and a short fight starts. After exchanging body punches and choke holds, a knee to Hollywood's stomach, head and a right cross to her jaw, Hollywood goes down. After Sumiko removes Hollywood's gun belt, Hollywood revives as Sumiko attempts to tie her up. A terrific wrestling match between the hunted and the hunter takes place. Both beauties use leg scissors, body punches, stomach claws and choke holds to try and get the upper hand. A right cross KO's Sumiko. But when Hollywood goes for the gun, Sumiko revives and the first of several struggles over the gun starts. Each girl is temporarily stunned several times during the fight but manages to recover in time to keep from being tied up or worse yet shot!!! Finally, the two contestants are in a do or die struggle over the gun. The gun is held high between the two. Then comes the end as the gun is held between two hot well toned bodies. A shot is heard and the contest is over. One gorgeous girl is left laying on the bed as the other hastily leaves. Did the bounty hunter get her prey? or did the jewel thief escape again? Either way, the several hot struggles over the gun are worth the price of this video!!!


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