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HP-715 The Favor




TITLE: The Favor Complete Video COST: $21 ~ 21 MINUTES




Description of HP-715:

Hollywood and Lisa are back in action again! it's been a very long time and Lisa owes Hollywood a favor!! Hollywood has a session with one of her favorite clients but wants to wrestle and overpower her friend Lisa beforehand in order to get into a bitchy mean character. Hollywood enters Lisa's home wearing jeans and high heels. Lisa greets Holly and asks "how she is and what brings her by" Hollywood replies "well actually I seem to remember that you owe me a favor", Lisa confused doesn't know anything about a favor. Hollywood cups her chin and says "you remember" Lisa replies…" Oh .... Oh yeah okay, so what favor do I owe you ? Hollywood tells Lisa about the session she is going to have with her best client , but he wants her to be really bitchy so she needs to practice on Lisa. Lisa says "that's not nice" and Hollywood says "exactly I'm not supposed to be nice." Hollywood goes to change into a bikini and they start the first wrestling round with domination wrestling holds that include camel clutch with HOM , lotus holds, scissors , and sleeper holds. Next Hollywood goes into a 3 minute reverse and then forward face sit, followed up by a foot smear to Lisa's perfectly made up face , it's like a victory pose but a little different. Holly verbally taunts her and says "how humiliating this is and this is what friends are for and if you didn't owe people you wouldn't have to get beat up and pay back "The Favor" ! If you're a fan of these two ladies and want to see some domination, HOM and Feet than this video is for you!!!


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