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HP-514 Guarding The Loot

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Description of HP-514 Guarding The Loot:

This is another one in Hollywood's "Gunfights and shootout" series. As can be derived by the title, our lovely Hollywood has been hired to guard an envelope full of cash until it can be picked up. Hollywood is wearing a gold bikini top, gold hot pants, black boots and of course, her gun belt worn tantalizing low on her perfect hips, the gun jauntily sticking out. The confident girl sticks the money in her shorts and walks over to the corner of the ring and leans on the ropes. Before she even has time to think, a shot rings out and Hollywood drops to the mat. Next, she arises and looks over the rope for her assailant but when she turns her head, another shot rings out and she drops to the mat, clinging to the ropes on her way down. Next, she draws her gun out, not wanting to be surprised again and leaves the ring searching for her enemy. Finding no one, she gets shot trying to reenter the ring. Upon waking up, she grabs her gun and walks around the ring, firing two shots before the thief shoots her twice and down our heroine goes again. This time she falls on her stomach so we can see her perfect rear end. We also get to see the villain for the first time as Duncan (playing the villain dressed completely in black) enters, using his foot to roll the gorgeous guard on her back. Then he removes some cash from the envelope. Next Hollywood wakes up and sees her assailant for the first time but before she can finish saying, "There you are," he plugs her and again she goes down. Once again the thief removes some cash. Now when she wakes up, they stand face to face, but once again the crook fires first sending Hollywood back into a corner where she is left sitting on the mat leaning on the ropes, looking really sexy. When Hollywood gets up, again she is face to face with the thief, but again she is out drawn and falls to the mat. Duncan once again removes more cash. Finally, Hollywood challenges the crook to a duel. They start out back to back, then they take three steps turn and fire. Can the hired guard finally get the best of her antagonist? Or will she end up on her back on the mat again? Nobody looks hotter taking a bullet in the stomach then Hollywood. She looks so sexy as she slowly drops to the mat dropping her gun on the way down then ending up on her back, showing off her gorgeous abs. The thing that separates this gun battle from the others is that this one takes place in a ring. There is just something hot about listening to the gun as it hits the mat when it falls out of her hand. Then you hear her hit the mat with her knees and finally the rest of hers. You can also hear the thief walking around. I highly recommend this video!!!!

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