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HP-650 Calling Out Hollywood



TITLE: Calling Out Hollywood Complete Video COST: $12 ~ 12 MINUTES




Description of HP-650:

This video stars Michelle Collier and Hollywood. Michelle who's dressed in a black bra and tiny purple skirt is looking for Hollywood wondering where she is, and she's threatening to kick her ass! Hollywood dressed in a light blue bikini overhears Michelle threatening her. Hollywood is not okay with this! Since Hollywood is so much taller than Michelle she goes for a test of strength which Michelle can't even reach to try and humiliate her, Of course Hollywood uses the test of strength to kick Michelle under her arms. She then throws her in a headlock and walks around the room and belly punches her. Followed up by a reverse headlock, Hollywood takes her  down to the ground followed up by more gut and rib punches. Hollywood puts this girl through an array of pro holds, scissor headlock combinations, stretches, camel clutches, Boston Crabs, and kicks to her ribs over and over! It looks like a beat down for poor Michelle. Hollywood then takes Michelle's top off and chokes her with it, not to mention her own!
After awhile Michelle, starts to get a few of our her in! Get this very hot Clip to see which one of these ladies KOs the other!


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