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HP-356 Ring Match:

Hollywood vs Kristiana & Fran

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Description of Hollywood vs Kristiana & Fran:

Hollywood enters the ring as Kristiana & Frannie wait for her and laugh amongst themselves. Annoyed with the whole thing, Hollywood is always ready to throw down and it's not in anyone's best interest to get her pissed off prior to doing so!

Fans of bad girl Hollywood will love this video as Hollywood is in classic form! Frannie's chuckles quickly turn into moans of pain as Hollywood puts it to her, leaving no part of Frannie's shapely bod unscathed. After delivering the proverbial wrestling goods to Frannie, Hollywood more than welcomes hottie Kristiana into the ring for a shot at the title. Unfortunately, Kristiana's curvaceous hot bod is also not exempt from the incessant attack of a rampaging Hollywood.

If it wasn't enough for Hollywood to take apart each of these beauties, she then splatters them both about the ring in a 1 on 2 beatdown!!! The dynamic duo have lost their sense of humor by now, but it has no effect on the smirk on the gorgeous face of our lovely Hollywood.

Can the voluptuous vixens mount an assault of their own? Does Hollywood live to regret her merciless treatment of her opponents? Get this excellent ring match and find out!!!




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