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HP-320 Jealous Wife Next Episode


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Description of Jealous Wife Next Episode:

Shannan is livid as she is convinced that Stacy has been having an affair with her man. She attempts to recruit Hollywood to set-up a little confrontation with Stacy, thinking Hollywood is on her side. Hollywood makes arrangements, but when Shannan proceeds to go after Stacy, it becomes evident that Hollywood "set it up" alright!!!
Hollywood and Stacy proceed to deliver a vicious one-sided beat down and Shannan voluptuous body gets brutality worked over until she is out cold. Then, her foes laugh with glee as they suckle Shannan's stockinged feet. Shannan is awakened by foot tickling as Stacy goes after her feet and Hollywood hammers her with fists, followed by brutally applied technical wrestling holds. Shannan is stretched, pummeled, scissored, and ko'ed by both ladies.
The two vixens sprawl Shannan on the couch and apply vise like chokes as poor Shannan gasps for air and collapses into the void. More stockinged feet  play occurs and appears the only reprieve Shannan gets. Rudely awoken, poor Shannan now becomes the victim of brutal camel clutches and vise like sleepers and chokes.
No quarter is given as the two work over Shannan's belly with their fist. Ultimately, Shannan receives the magic cloth, but a rude awakening is once again in store. The two vixens maintain a hard, destructive pace until Shannan is hopelessly restrained and out for the count. Unfortunately, this is not the end as one of the two victors now sees fit to k.o. her unsuspecting accomplice. Get this exciting video and see whom the last babe standing is!!! 




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