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HP-628 Bikini Catfight - Hollywood vs Francesca



TITLE: Bikini Catfight - Hollywood vs Francesca Complete Video COST: $10 ~ 10 MINUTES





Description of HP-628:

This video begins with Francesca lying on a sofa admiring herself, "I'll have all the boy's attention today at the beach with my fluorescent orange bikini," She truly does look super hot. Hollywood walks into the room in a black and silver bikini looking terrific herself. Hollywood accuses Francesca of stealing the orange bikini, Francesca emphatically denies it. Then Hollywood mentions that she will attract the boys in her  "Sparkly"  bikini. When Francesca makes fun of Hollywood's bikini calling it "last year's" style, Hollywood angrily attacks her and a good old fashioned cat fight begins. These two gorgeous girls really know how to fight. They use leg scissors, body punches, stomach stomps, right and left crosses, crotch kicks, sleeper holds, choke holds, titty squeezes, arm bars, bear hugs and surf boards. They roll around on the floor, pull each others hair, even pillow fight a little. They really pound each other's terrifically tight abs!! Finally, a figure four ends the bout. One exhausted battler is left lifeless on the floor, as the victor walks away taking the bikini tops as her well earned prizes. But which girl?


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