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HP-698 Appetite For Destruction





TITLE: Appetite For Destruction Complete Video COST: $22 ~ 22 MINUTES




Description of HP-698:

Hollywood is the trainer and there is a new wrestler in town named Charlie (dressed in a tiny, tiny G string bikini to show off her gorgeous body!!!) who thinks she knows it all and doesn't need any training from Hollywood. Obviously, Charlie has a lot to learn! They both start out stretching, Hollywood starts telling her what she's going to do and the new wrestler gets cocky and goes straight into punching and choking Hollywood, sending her down to the mat. Charlie thinks this is easy, and that Hollywood is a pushover. Hollywood decides she's going to teach the new girl a big lesson in respect and starts punching her stomach over and over, removes her bikini top and stretches her over the top rope. She takes her down to the lower rope and starts choking Charlie with her own bikini top. She bends Charlie over punches her and then throws her to the mat next she applies a long face sit and smothers Charlie while she claws and punches Charlie's tight abs! Hollywood then drags her to the middle of the ring and bow and arrow's the newcomer. Hollywood also applies and over the knee backbreaker. The veteran puts the newbe into numerous ab stretching holds, leg scissors, combination full Nelson and leg locks, Exposing her perfect abs for punishment. Hollywood throws her outside the ring and bends her over the bottom rope applying belly punches, claw holds, breast and crotch grabs. If you are into one sided beat downs and beautiful women with great abs then this video is for you!


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