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Hollywood vs Kristiana

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Description of Hollywood vs Kristiana:

Hollywood and Kristiana enter the ring, both determined to k.o. their opponent. The two gorgeous grapplers approach the center of the ring to lock up, and Hollywood delivers a sharp kick to the belly to welcome Kristiana to the match. Kristiana counters with another kick, and Hollywood jumps on her and drags her down to the mat. The two babes roll about as they exchange advantage with different joint locks. As they fingerlock, Kristiana slams a fist into Hollywood's abs and the two go crashing to the mat. Hollywood gains advantage and places her foot in the center of Kristiana's back and her foe screams in pain. Hollywood then expertly continues to work over a flailing Kristiana. Hollywood puts Kristiana against the ropes and pummels Kristiana's midsection, then she traps her in a tight full nelson and takes her down. Kristiana pants for air as Hollywood is merciless in her attack. A nasty leg scissors further weakens poor Kristiana and Hollywood repeatedly applies chokes to not allow her foe to gain her breath.
But Kristiana gains her feet and belly punches Hollywood, then goes to ground with her. Kristiana snatches Hollywood in a headlock and now she delivers lip service, but it is short lived as Hollywood traps her in a devastating headscissors. Kristiana appears to be close to defeat when she gets free and wraps her long shapely legs around Hollywood's curvaceous body. Hollywood shrieks in pain, and a renewed Kristiana now locks on some of her own chokeholds. Kristiana pounds away at Hollywood's perfect abs, but when she drops her guard, Hollywood moves in for the kill and traps Kristiana in a tight triangle choke. As the blood flow stops going to the top floor, Kristiana slumps into unconsciousness.
Hollywood shows her status quo bad attitude as she attacks a vulnerable Kristiana even before she is able to groggily return to her corner. Hollywood enjoys herself as she taunts Kristiana and punishes her with deadly efficiency. Kristiana reels in pain, and in desperation, she's able to buck her foe off. Kristiana tries to go to work on Hollywood's belly, but gets trapped in another headscissors. Poor Kristiana flails about as she is systematically destroyed. But Kristiana just won't go down without a fight, brief as it may be. Hollywood once again traps the pleading babe in a breathtaking hold, and Kristiana's sexy body once again lies limp and lifeless on the mat.
 Again Hollywood begins the next fall with no remorse and Kristiana finds herself brutalized with one punishing hold after another. Hollywood continues her maniacal attack, leaving no part of Kristiana's hot bod unscathed! Kristiana suffers immensely until Hollywood clamps a tight sleeperhold on, and Kristiana's struggles fade until all that remains is a pouty look on her gorgeous face. Hollywood proudly signals she is up: 3 falls.
The next fall opens with Hollywood bum-rushing her weary foe. Does this lead to another chapter of pain and suffering for supermodel Kristiana? Or does the athlete in Kristiana surface to bridge the onslaught and rise to the occasion to give a little payback to our gorgeous Hollywood? Either way this video is guaranteed a winner for the fans!!! 



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