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TITLE: Battling Babes Part 1 COST: 9 TOKENS ~ 9 MINUTES

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TITLE: Battling Babes Part 2 COST: 9 TOKENS ~ 9 MINUTES

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TITLE: Battling Babes Complete COST: 18 TOKENS 17:52 MINUTES

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Description of HP-824:

Amazon Annie enters the room looking great in a red hot one piece and sits on the couch.  Hollywood enters shortly after looking absolutely HOT in her black bikini.  The two women start talking about the upcoming Jungle Woman audition and how they are each better than the other.  Before you know it, IT'S A KNIFE FIGHT!!!  This fight is awesome!!  There is tons of action as the ladies swing the knives at each other.  They slash and stab and act out their own death scenes over and over again trying to show each just how good they are and why they deserve the part.  It's not all knife fight action though!  The loser is eventually KO'ed with a sleep hold and tied up on the floor as the victor goes to the audition.  Who will be the winner??




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