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HP-462 3 Round KO Darrius vs Hollywood

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Description of 3 Round KO Darrius vs Hollywood:

This is the third boxing match between these two tough competitors and it promises to be a great match. Hollywood is wearing a red, white and blue bikini top and "Hot" pants and I mean HOT! She represents the American spirit and states it later in the match. Hollywood never looked better with her hair attractively held back with a clip. The fight starts out with the usual verbal sparring these two are famous for. Hollywood takes a few punches to her terrific looking abs but manages to hold on. She sends Darrius staggering with a few combination punches of her own eventually sending him to the mat. When Hollywood tries to taunt the woozy fighter, Darrius retaliates downing the gorgeous boxer. Hollywood fights back but the round ends with her taking a few jabs to the head and stomach.  The second round starts with some verbal sparing. Darrius is the first to go down in this round after Hollywood connects with a right cross to the jaw. After an eight count Darrius gets up but is sent back to the mat for a five count. This time it is Darrius's turn to connect and he sends Hollywood sprawling for a seven count. However she also gets up swinging. The two boxers show their fatigue by leaning on each other for support.  Darrius is staggering a bit as the round ends. Hollywood comes out for the third round dancing ready to "sting like a bee". However she is the first to go down as Darrius connects with a mighty right cross. Hollywood is definitely in trouble as Darrius keeps connecting and sends Hollywood to the mat several times. Can the magnificent Hollywood come back and KO Darrius? Or will Darrius continue to punish our favorite beauty making her wish she had never showed up for this match? Nobody looks hotter taking a punch then Hollywood and she is at her best in this match. And both these boxers definitely know how to box!!

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