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HP-284 A Lesson To Be Learned


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Description of A Lesson To Be Learned:

Stacy has scheduled an appointment with Hollywood for a wrestling "workout". As you may recall, Stacy appeared ringside(HP-354) with her boyfriend/cameraman after Hollywood suffered a severe beatdown from Lisa & Frannie (HP-292) and upon entering the ring, dealt a beleaguered Hollywood a vicious working over. Stacy announced her new wrestling persona, "Mighty Girl", and played to the camera as she annihilated one of the industry's greatest in Hollywood.
Now, Stacy has plans to take out our champ Hollywood and establish her twisted new character as the one to watch. An unsuspecting Hollywood enters the room for their little workout. As the two vixens stretch and warm up, Stacy becomes somewhat abusive, and she surprises Hollywood with a crushing sleeper. Our gorgeous fav struggles valiantly but succumbs to oxygen deprivation as a glory lusting Stacy gloats.
Stacy is very impatient as she awakens Hollywood for more punishment, but she underestimates her opponent as Hollywood is fighting mad! A well placed elbow smash into Stacy's belly sends the blonde beauty crashing to the mats in pain. Now it is Hollywood that goes on the offensive as she pulls Stacy to her feet and pummels her midsection. As Hollywood slams Stacy against the wall, she drives hard blows into Stacy's belly and the curvaceous babe squeals in pain. As Stacy gasps for air, Hollywood paces the floor and her anger grows. It becomes evident that Hollywood recalls the countless belly blows she received from Stacy as she continues to drive her fists into Stacy's pulverized abs. Claws to the face and belly cause Stacy to fill the room with shrieks of agony, and a disgusted Hollywood quiets the surroundings by handsmothering the bodacious bikini-clad blonde. She is going to teach Stacy a lesson to be learned.
Hollywood isn't finished by any means, and vengeance is the new status quo. Hollywood awakens her "workout' aide and bends her with an over the knee backbreaker. Stacy's outstretched belly provides a well used target as Hollywood slams axe-handle blows, punches, and deep belly claws into the helpless hottie. A maniacal camel clutch continues the serenade of screams. Stacy is now moved into the corner and the dull sound of belly blows rings out until Hollywood decides to dig her fingernails in deep as she once again belly claws a senseless Stacy.
Knees and belly punches further Stacy's agony, but a vindictive Hollywood changes the program when she mixes in a shattering low blow. Hollywood moves Stacy to the center of the mat and demonstrates a double neck claw as Stacy shrieks. Too much for her Stacy passes out and slumps to the floor. Taking a break, Hollywood grabs a drink of water as she prepares for more "working out". Stacy comes to and takes this opportunity to ambush Hollywood with a hard blow to the belly as the gorgeous grappler enters the room. Stacy is filled with adrenaline as she now pummels Hollywood's abs and then tests them with a belly claw of her own. Unfortunately, Stacy is a little overzealous and Hollywood drives a sharp blow into Stacy';s battered abs, effectively ending her desperate comeback attempt.
Stacy attempts to make a counteroffensive, but the experienced Hollywood is a tough one to crack. Hollywood continues to work Stacy with bodyscizzors, and even though Stacy manages a few belly claws on Hollywood's sculpted abs, it is Hollywood that maintains the advantage. These two vixens both are set on dominating, and the rest of this battle is filled with back and forth struggles as they punish one another's sexy tanned and toned bodies with strikes, claws, technical holds and more. One of these gorgeous grapplers ends up restrained and punished beyond limits. Whom will it be? A glory hungry Stacy as she attempts to end Hollywood's reign? Or will it be our gorgeous fav Hollywood as she evens the score for the unfair beating she once took at the hands of her "work-out" partner? Get this hot and exciting video and find out!!!




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