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HP-580 Hollywood vs Puma

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Description of HP-580 Hollywood vs Puma:

Actions Speak Louder Than Words! The Puma returns to the ring, and though the mask remains the same, the man behind it is a far more vicious predator. At least, that's what wrestling sensation, Hollywood, donned in her dynamic red-white-and-blue bikini, soon finds out when she slips into the squared circle with a direct challenge: a seven-pin showdown, loser gets hogtied! But, the brazen bombshell's confidence is quickly dashed when the Puma takes matters into his own, lethal hands before the match even starts, lashing out at Hollywood with a savage salvo of brutality, culminating in a vicious torture rack that breaks her body and spirit, and a devastating sleeper hold that drags her into anguished oblivion! First Round goes to the Puma — and the beginning of Hollywood's nightmare! Literally stunned by the Puma's sudden, barbaric barrage, Holly has barely enough time to collect her wits and wind before her aggressor brings another volley of pain and punishment to the female fury's perfectly toned form. Round-after-round, hold-after-torturous-hold, the Puma unleashes a furious frenzy of belly punches, kicks, clotheslines, headlocks, and body blows coupled with an agonizing array of submissions including abdominal stretches, backbreakers, bow-and-arrows, camel clutches, chin-locks, leg scissors, and sleepers — you name it, Hollywood's tight abs and super-toned body are the recipient of it! Hollywood's mouth wrote checks she couldn't possibly cash as the Puma makes her pay dearly — with devastating dividends — with a total beatdown and one of the most malicious thrashings of her professional career!

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