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HP-634 Hard Headed Girl



TITLE: Hard Headed Girl Complete Video COST: $12 ~ 12 MINUTES




Description of HP-634:

Hollywood, looking super hot in a gold bikini (which matches her golden tan) finds Darrius stretching in the ring. She is carrying a championship belt and wants to improve her game by trying some "new moves". Darrius agrees to a match and after a little stretching (nobody looks better stretching than Hollywood) they enter a test of strength. Hollywood breaks it off and gives Darrius a head butt. Proud of her new move she asks a stunned Darrius, "How do you like my new move?" Staggered by the unexpected maneuver, Darrius clutches the ropes as Hollywood moves in and delivers another head butt. But Darrius still doesn't go down. After a lock up, Hollywood tries to KO Darrius with another head butt. Only problem is, Darrius grabs her head and gives her the head butt!! Totally caught off guard, now it is Hollywood's turn to stumble around dazed. With this Darrius gives her another head butt. Before she can recover she is thrown into a turn buckle and down she goes. Next comes a knee to the stomach and a right cross to the jaw and down she goes again. Now Darrius really plays havoc with the helpless beauty, placing her in sleeper holds, choke holds, stretches her abs, twists her knee, punches her and uses an across the knee back breaker. All this while continuing to give her head butts. He even swings her around in a fireman's carry! Can Hollywood rally and get back at Darrius? Is her head as hard as she thinks it is? Either way, nobody looks better on the receiving end of an abdominal stretch or taking a beating as our girl Hollywood!!! 


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