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HP-408 The Golden Thief


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Description of "The Golden Thief ":

A well known burglar, known professionally as "The Golden Thief" , played
by the gorgeous Hollywood, has been hired by a very powerful lawyer to find
some papers that the extremely sensuous Goldie had stolen from him.
Hollywood thinks this will be easy as she gets Goldie to agree to enjoy the
weather and lay in the sun outside. Hollywood is wearing a gold bikini top
and really short gold shorts that show off her tanned body perfectly.
Nobody looks hotter in gold than Hollywood. She is truly "The Golden
Thief". Goldie is wearing a small bikini which cannot begin to contain her
natural assets. With Goldie outside, Hollywood enters the house to look for
the stolen papers. She is super confident she can find the papers and get
away before Goldie even realizes she is in the house. After a brief search,
Hollywood finds the papers but before she can leave, Goldie catches her.
Goldie slams the inattentive Hollywood in the back and the fight is on.
With the advantage gained by the surprise attack, Goldie is able to render
Hollywood helpless. But Hollywood quickly recovers and returns the favor
leaving Goldie motionless on the floor. The fight rages back and forth.
Both girls know many holds and make use of that knowledge here. Both girls
use leg scissors, stomach punches, leg kicks and crotch shots. Each girl
gaining an advantage only to quickly lose it. Each of the beautiful girls
refuses to give even an inch to their opponent. After exchanging knockouts,
eventually Hollywood begins to tire. Goldie is able to punish Hollywood's
terrific body and connects with many hard stomach punches. Goldie uses her
breasts to smother poor Hollywood. Nobody sells a beating quite like
Hollywood and nobody looks hotter in gold. Hollywood struggles to recover.
She valiantly fights back with her own "reign" of punches. But will she get
away with the valuable papers? One girl definitely loses this fight. Will
it be "The Golden Thief" who thought she had a perfect plan? Or will it be
Goldie, who truly is a thief?



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