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HP-554 Hollywood vs Darrius - KO Challenge Round 3



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TITLE: Hollywood vs Darrius - KO Challenge Round 3 Complete COST: 15 TOKENS

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Description of HP-554:

It appears that Hollywood still hasn't learned her lesson. She thinks she is a better wrestler than Darrius and is bound to beat him in a KO challenge. This time she meets Darrius in the ring looking as hot as ever in a tiny red bikini with brown stripes and a flower design. She also has her black wrestling boots on. She tells Darrius she will be watching him very closely to keep him from cheating. What our gorgeous girl doesn't know is that before she arrived, Darrius and Duncan had a little meeting. Darrius admitted Hollywood is a tough opponent and should have actually beat him in Round 2 (HP-549 ) but for his use of a night stick. Duncan tells him not to worry, give Hollywood a little tainted water and she won't stand a chance. Darrius offers Hollywood the water and the trusting Hollywood takes several swallows. The match starts out with a test of strength. Hollywood cheats a little by kicking Darrius and ends up twisting Darrius' arm behind his back. She turns this into a sleeper hold and records the first KO. Next she places Darrius in a headlock but he escapes by throwing her to the mat as Hollywood starts to feel a little woozy. But she quickly jumps on Darrius' back but again he is able to escape by slamming her into a corner. Finally she uses a couple of terrific right hooks to send him to the mat for KO No.2.. At this time she starts feeling really dizzy. Hollywood staggers as she attempts to punch Darrius again but he easily avoids the weak attempt. This time he pushes her into a corner and works over her terrific looking abs. He finally KOs her with a right punch to her jaw. Next he helps her up and rams her head into a corner post. Then he picks her up and throws her over his knee to the mat. He then finishes her off with a sleeper hold. By now Hollywood has become just a gorgeous rag doll, a toy for Darrius to play with. He picks her up and puts her in a bear hug and then reverses it until she slumps unconscious over his shoulder. Then he drops her to the mat. He proceeds to use a choke hold, more bear hugs, places her in a standing surf board, throws her over his back in a real backbreaker hold, then drops her across her knee in another backbreaker. She passes out several times from the pain. In between holds she can barely stand. At one point she attempts to leave the ring but Darrius pulls her back. Can she recover and add to her early knockout total? Time is against her but Hollywood never gives up!! In this video clip Hollywood once again shows off her ability to take a beating. Nobody looks hotter lying helplessly on her back in the ring. The trash talk between these two wrestling pros brings the match to life. Both know many holds and how to use them. Hollywood never looked better!!!


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