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HP-447 Number One Contender

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Description of : HP-447 Number One Contender

It seems our favorite girl, the gorgeous Hollywood has been offered a chance for a title bout for the women's boxing championship. Her trainer thinks she needs a final tune-up before the bout so Hollywood agrees to spar with the lovely Nicole to get into final shape for the match. Hollywood and her trainer are not aware that Nicole wants the boxing title for herself and in no way wants to help our girl Hollywood. On the day of the sparing session Nicole shows up at Hollywood's door step with a night stick and syringe with plans to eliminate Hollywood as a competitor for good!!! Hollywood is a little suspicious but decides to go ahead with the session anyway. After stripping down , Hollywood in gold bikini top and hot shorts and Nicole in a white bikini, the girls stretch, quite a site to see. Then they get down on their knees and trade stomach punches. Hollywood gets carried away and accidentally punches Nicole in the face, knocking her out. This just makes Nicole more determined to do away with Hollywood. The sparing starts with Nicole calling Hollywood a cheater. Round one has Hollywood knocking Nicole to the mat three time clearly showing her boxing superiority. In round two Nicole recovers and Hollywood cannot knock her down. At the end of the round Nicole surprises Hollywood with a right upper cut and sends her sprawling to the mat. As Hollywood lies stunned, Nicole takes off her gloves and start pummeling Hollywood's tight abs with the night stick. Hollywood is totally defenseless and takes quite a beating as Nicole spends the whole third round smacking Hollywood's stomach, head and back with the night stick. The round ends with Hollywood out cold near her corner. Between rounds Hollywood rallies. She is determined to prove she is the better boxer. Will Hollywood recover enough to knock Nicole out? Or will she fall victim to Nicole's syringe? Hollywood's beat down has to be seen to be believed. No one sells it like Hollywood. But can she recover enough to win?

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