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HP-298 Stolen Thief


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Description of Stolen Thief:

A prowling, black body-suited Kristiana enters a business establishment to be greeted by an awaiting Hollywood, dressed in a stunning white figure flattering outfit. As Hollywood conceals a little "magic cloth" she had prepared in advance, she gets the jump on her perpetrator as she clamps her cloth over Kristiana's mouth and sends her to dreamland. Hollywood then removes the body-suit to reveal Kristiana's hardbody as she is left in her black stockings and sexy black bra and panties. When Hollywood returns, her own cloth is now turned against her and Kristiana returns the favor of displaying the tanned and toned, similarly donned and sculpted body of her assailant.
As Hollywood awakens, a vicious catfight erupts and Kristiana begins to work over a pleading Hollywood. Belly punches, chokes, and foot ticking prevail. Hollywood laughs as she is tickled, but her laughter soon ends as Kristiana pummels her sexy abs with continued punches. A flailing Hollywood is then subjected to Kristiana further antagonizing her stocking clad feet.
Just as Hollywood can take no more, she retorts by breaking free and now mounts her own offensive. Now it is Kristiana's turn to experience foot agony, tight chokes, and a barrage of belly blows. Kristiana struggles and wails in agony, but she finds no mercy in a rampaging Hollywood. The beatdown continues as Hollywood intermittently causes laughter, then pain as she works over Kristiana's feet and body with ticking, punching and a variety of pro moves. Kristiana is reduced to a giggling and pleading mess as bad girl Hollywood enjoys in her torment. Finally, Hollywood decides to enjoy some foot worship as her defeated foe now serves as her newel acquired slave.
Unfortunately, Hollywood becomes a little too relaxed and we find a deviously contempt Kristiana explaining that she is going to take over the little slavery business as a restrained and helpless Hollywood is found face down on the floor! Kristiana now threatens Hollywood once again with the "magic cloth" as Hollywood squirms in futility. Kristiana mercilessly; works on Hollywood's sexy stockinged feet and Hollywood struggles wildly in her captivity. This video ends with an absolutely devious "self-inflicted" k.o. as Kristiana laughs with sinister pleasure.
An unbelievably hot video with two gorgeous women donned in the sexiest of out fits. Add this to your collection as it is "bound" to become an all time fav!!! 




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