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HP-290 Hollywood vs Christine


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Description of Hollywood vs Christine:

Hollywood and Christine face off in this bikini ring match, and the sun is not the only thing hot on this day! The two vixens clash at the start of the match and a fingerlock starts the contest. Hollywood sends Christine crashing to the mats with some vicious kicks, then starts to pummel the fallen vixen with repeated kicks and stomps. Then Hollywood locks on a figure four leg lock and Christine shrieks in pain. Christine squirms about trying to break the hold. Finally, Christine is about to snake free, but Hollywood clamps a belly claw onto Christine's ripped abs. Hollywood shows no mercy as she smashes fists into Christine's midsection, then mounts her and works her further with a belly claw. Christine bears the brunt of hard axe-handle blows to her belly as Hollywood appears to go on a tirade.
However, without warming, Christine lashes back and catches Hollywood with a sharp belly blow. Unprepared for the counterattack, Hollywood doubles over and sinks to the mat. Christine immediately goes to work on Hollywood's curvaceous body as she applies a claw hold, then she smashes her clenched fists into Hollywood's midsection. Hollywood lies reeling on the mat, and Christine drops horrific foot stomps down onto her fallen foe. Helping poor Hollywood to her feet, Christine catches the gorgeous grappler in a tight sleeperhold, and even the sun casts a shadow of doubt as Hollywood struggles desperately to survive. But it is not to be, and slowly Hollywood lapses into a comatose state as Christine squeezes her with a vice like proficiency.
Christine has no intention of Hollywood making a comeback, and she yanks the groggy babe to her feet, then smashes her repeatedly into the turnbuckle. Unable to defend herself, Hollywood is hung in to corner with her arms draped over the top rope. Now Christine drive damage blows into Hollywood's body. Punches and kicks are targeted at Hollywood's midsection as the ruthless punishment continues, And when Hollywood drops to her feet, Christine returns her to the turnbuckle to prop her up for more pain. Hollywood absorbs more punches, kicks, and knees to the belly. Christine works the whole ring as she smashes Hollywood into another turnbuckle. When Hollywood tries to turn away from the onslaught, Christine delivers hard knees to her kidneys, turning her around to face her fanatical foe.
As Hollywood barely hangs onto the ropes, Christine sinks her fingers deep into Hollywood's belly and squeezes her with a claw. Hollywood moans in pain as she sinks to the mat, all while Christine digs the hold in with a vengeance. Hollywood struggles wildly to break the hold, and although she momentarily escapes, Christine clamps the belly claw back on each time. Hollywood goes to ground as Christine continues to work on her abs. Desperately, Hollywood breaks free and attempts to get away for a brief moment when Christine wraps her arms around her and applies a bone-crunching bear hug. Once again Hollywood goes crashing to the mat and her relentless opponent traps her in yet another vice-like sleeperhold. Hollywood thrashes about, but as the blood flow slows, she falls limply to the mat.
Christine returns form a little break and stomps Hollywood in the gut, rudely awakening her. Now Christine begins to resemble an escaped ward patient as she wildly crashes down on Hollywood's belly with an array of stomps, claws, and flesh cracking belly blows. Hollywood stumbles about, much like a drunken sailor, as she is unable to fend off the attack. Christine carries on her assault as she pounds away with damaging ferocity at Hollywood's taunt belly muscles, But Hollywood is given no quarter as Christine flashes her talon-like nails and digs them deep into Hollywood's battered belly as she systematically destroys her foe.
Does Hollywood ever mount an offensive of her own? Or does Christine continue to dominate our gorgeous glam gal? The rest of the match features more belly work with claws, punches, kicks, and backbreakers, paralyzing sleepers, and in general the work of a dangerous and well-trained heel. I won't tell you whom the heel was...I don't want Christine to be offended!!!


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