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HP-553 The Pretty Plumber



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Description of HP-553:

Hollywood is lounging on her sofa waiting for a plumber. She has already called a plumbing service called "The Pretty Plumber" and is dreamily associating the name with a "Gorgeous Hunk". She is wearing a bath robe and stockings looking hot as always. The doorbell rings and Hollywood is all excited as she heads for the door. But when she opens it, imagine her disappointment as a girl shows up (the good looking Diana) as "The Pretty Plumber". She is wearing a short print dress, nylon stockings and high heels. Hollywood disgustingly points towards the kitchen and goes back to the sofa. Now Hollywood is impatient as she is trying to get ready to go out on the town. Diana completes the job and gives Hollywood the bill. Hollywood, steamed because the plumber was a girl, refuses to pay the bill stating it is too high for the small amount of work done. The cat fight is on as Hollywood throws the first punch. At first the fight is pretty even as both girls exchange body punches, choke holds, leg scissors, face slapping and hair pulling. Diana rips Hollywood's bath robe off and Hollywood retaliates by removing Diana's dress, leaving both girls in just a bra, panties and stockings. Gorgeous breasts are mauled until Diana puts her bone crushing leg scissors around Hollywood's petite waist. Hollywood is forced to submit and agrees to pay. However, after being released, Hollywood only pays part of the bill. Diana vows to return in three days for the rest. After a few hours, Diana changes her mind and returns for the rest of her money. But again Hollywood refuses to pay. This time Diana starts the fight. Both girls are wearing black tights and Hollywood has on a red tank top with Diana in a print dress. Once again the two girls go back and forth, each knowing how to torture an opponent. Once again, body punches, leg scissors, choke holds, camel clutches and other holds are exchanged. This time, after the girl's tops are removed, both bras come off and are used as weapons. Not satisfied with that, both girls strip off each others tights, leaving two perfectly toned bodies wearing only tiny black panties!!! This time it is Hollywood that locks her gorgeous legs around Diana's neck then her waist. It doesn't look like "The Pretty Plumber" is going to get paid for this job. Hollywood is magnificent in her final domination of Diana. This is a terrific cat fight between two super hot chicks I know you will not want to miss. Each one knows wrestling and gets to show off their domination skills, Diana first then Hollywood.


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