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hhhhHP-008 Jealous Girlfriend - Jewel Marceau vs Hollywood




TITLE: Jealous Girlfriend - Jewel Marceau vs Hollywood Complete Video COST: $30 ~30 MINUTES




Description of HP-008:

Barb, played by the beautiful Jewel, is Kim's girlfriend and is jealous of Kim's friendship with Hollywood. She challenges Hollywood to a wrestling match to teach her a lesson. She requests that Hollywood wear her sexiest outfit. Hollywood accepts the challenge and never looked better in her tiny black Iron Cross bikini, arm warmers and black boots. But Barb shows up in a denim skirt and shirt with a gun!! She sneaks up on Hollywood and knocks her out. She then pulls Hollywood up on the arm of the sofa, stretching Hollywood's great looking tight abs even tighter. She asks the camera man to take lots of pictures for Kim. Then she drags Hollywood to a coffee table and lays her out on her back. After taking off her shirt, revealing a tiny white bikini, she wakes Hollywood up, KO's her in the bedroom, KO's her in the dining room. But after being KO'd four times, Hollywood is hard to wake up. Barb gets careless allowing Hollywood to slam her into the wall. After a few body punches, a right to the jaw KO's Barb. Hollywood drags the unconscious Barb into the living room and removes her gun belt. As a wobbly Barb wakes up, she asks Hollywood for water. But when Hollywood returns, Barb attacks her with a sleeper hold, knocking her out. But this time when Hollywood wakes up, Barb removes her skirt and the wrestling match is on!! Barb is no match for Hollywood. After a few stomach punches, leg scissors and a camel clutch, Hollywood applies a sleeper hold, ending round 1. Now it is Hollywood's time to gloat. She places the gun next Barb. Did Hollywood make a mistake leaving the gun next to her challenger? Does Barb have anything left? Or has Hollywood's beat down won the day? This video features long pan shots of beautiful girls laid out in provocative sexy poses. But who will win?


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