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HP-477 Outlaw Hollywood's Demise

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Description of Outlaw Hollywood's Demise:

Our favorite girl, the gorgeous Hollywood, has decided that a life of crime is for her. She has found a house full of young girls that is ripe for the plucking. The video begins with Hollywood (looking hot in her tight blue jeans and black bikini top) holding her gun on a group of girls, thanking them as she stuffs a wad of cash into her belt (you never get to see the girls). Unfortunately, the Sheriff (played by Randy looking sexy in a pair of small jean shorts and a white tube top) has been tipped off. She sneaks up behind Hollywood and after a short struggle, takes the gun away from our would be crook and clocks her across the face with it sending Hollywood out cold on her back. After tying Hollywood's hands above her head, She grabs the money and leaves to return it to the girls. While she is gone, the outlaw wakes up, unties herself and crawls across the floor toward her gun. But as she reaches it, the Sheriff returns and clubs her hard in the back, knocking her out again. This time, when she tries to tie Hollywood up, Hollywood wakes up and knocks the unsuspecting Sheriff out cold. Hollywood grabs her gun and goes searching for the girls. Unable to find them, she returns to "question" the Sheriff. After waking the sleeping beauty up with her gun, she proceeds to torture the poor girl trying to locate the girls. Hollywood uses many choke holds, leg scissors both around the waist and neck, body punches and kicks, arm bars, camel clutches and even slams her into the wall. Still the Sheriff won't talk. Finally she knocks Randy out with a right cross to the jaw. Thinking Randy is out for good, Hollywood, very tired now, carelessly turns her back on the wily Sheriff. Randy not only wakes up but manages to sneak up behind Hollywood and clobber her across the back. She rolls the helpless outlaw on her back and delivers a few more blows to Hollywood's gorgeous abs. Just to make sure, Randy grabs a syringe and drugs the moaning girl. Then she leaves to check on the girls. But Hollywood is far from done. She struggles to her feet and staggers out the back door in search of the Sheriff. After sighting the Sheriff but before she can pull the trigger in her drugged state, Randy grabs the gun and a terrific struggle takes place. With the gun being held between the two gorgeous bodies pressed tight together, a shot is heard. One girl is badly wounded but which one? The unbelievably hot outlaw or the equally gorgeous Sheriff?

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