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TITLE: Anything For Charity Part 1 COST: 11 TOKENS ~ 10 MINUTES

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Description of HP-848:

This video begins with Darrius and Duncan carrying Hollywood, already badly beaten and tied hand and foot, into the ring.  The guys have taken her from the site of her recent 4-on-1 annihilation in Anything is Possible (HP-842) and have developed a cruel plan to charge people to destroy her.  They read a Facebook post which is supposedly from the glamour girl herself in which she offers her fans the chance to beat her in half hour sessions if they make a donation to her favorite charity.  The fans don’t know that her two former employees wrote the post and plan to pocket all the donations themselves.  As the reservations and PayPals roll in, the two guys untie poor Hollywood, gag her and begin to soften her up until the first charitable donor arrives.  As they pound Hollywood in a corner, Kristie Etzold barrels into the ring, shoves the two guys aside and begins Hollywood’s first official beating-for-charity.  Kristie holds a grudge against Hollywood for refusing to work with her in Kristie’s struggling video company, so she decides to take her frustrations out on our lovely victim’s face and body.  The two men offer their services as brutal assistants, providing Kristie help in dishing out the punishment and giving her weapons, claiming that Hollywood directed them to do this so that all her fans could experience what it is like to dish out an “extreme” beatdown.

Hollywood is punched viciously in the corner and then clubbed repeatedly to the head before the three of them tear into her abs.  Stretched in various positions, Hollywood’s midsection absorbs a massive beating.  When she finally passes out after they snap one of her ribs for fun, they immediately wake her with smelling salts and then get to work on her legs (including monstrous punishment with the ring corner poll), butt  and feet.  They drag Hollywood to the edge of the ring and the guys pummel her face from outside the ring while Kristie continues demolition of her stomach inside.  When they switch places, Kristie gleefully rips and claws at Hollywood’s beautiful face while the guys stomp and club away at her body.  The team finishes off by tying Hollywood to the ring ropes and giving her a good old-fashioned 3-on-1 pummeling with their fists to her gut. While Kristie beats her ferociously, she does respect Hollywood for sacrificing herself for charity.  But she also gets her money’s worth of punishment and then some.

Fans of extreme action must have this video.  Once again, Hollywood is sweatily stunning as she is overwhelmed and mauled by many gleefully vicious attackers.  When the video ends, several questions remain – how much more will Hollywood have to take, who will be next to give it to her, and how much sexier can she look as she endures hours of brutal attention from her charity-loving fans and foes?




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