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Description of California Dolls:

Ever wish they all could be California girls? Well, low and behold your wishes have come true! And they are all California Dolls!!! Three of the industries finest meet in the squared circle for hot wrestling action. Hollywood, Tanya, and Stacy form a trio of absolutely gorgeous combatants as they adorn the ring and take turns grappling with one another.

Tanya takes on Stacy as Hollywood refs the action and perfect bodies clash as the dolls struggle for victory, which is not relinquished easily by either of these stunning vixens. Both girls give it their all, and no mercy is shown as it's all on the line. After a victory is begrudgingly attained, Hollywood steps into the ring as a participant and passes the proverbial refs torch to Stacy. Thus begins another meeting of the hard bodies, and yes, another episode of Hollywood's ring prowess as she works over Tanya's voluptuous body. However, Tanya is not willing to go down without a fight, and she dishes out some of her own punishment to her tanned and toned foe. After a heated back and forth battle between Tanya and Hollywood, it is once again the little spitfire Stacy that now enters the ring to face a willing and determined Hollywood. Stacy is out to prove herself, but one has to question if Hollywood will ever leave her bad girl antics at home. In classic form, this video once again captures Hollywood's blatant disregard for the rules, and of course her ability to work the ring (and her opponents!) In the end, the three Dolls exit the ring, enroute to some well deserved R & R and a night on the town!

If you enjoy ring matches and three of the hottest babes in the world of female wrestling, then don't miss this video, a sure vid to keep you California Dreamin' !!!




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