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hhhhHP-095 Hollywood vs Franchesca




TITLE: Hollywood vs Franchesca Complete Video COST: $25 ~ 25 MINUTES




Description of HP-095:

This is a classic apartment match between two of the most beautiful babes in the business! Hollywood and Franchesca go at it with the subtleness of a nuclear explosion as they throw down in another vicious battle. This match will have you on edge as both combatants take over and dominate their hapless victim, only to lose the advantage themselves and feel the wrath of their sexy opponents multitude of punishing holds and techniques. Nothing is sacred as these two vixens punish one anothers perfectly formed bodies and show no mercy while doing so! All the stops are pulled out as legs and arms are twisted, bellies are punched, chokes are applied, and no part of the anatomy escapes powerful scissors. A relentless will to win pushes these two gorgeous grapplers beyond the normalacy of sport and the match becomes one of attrition. Ultimately, a tired out winner will emerge, and a battered loser will lie senseless and defeated on the floor. Check this exciting match out and get another epic battle from Hollywould Productions!



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