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HP-411 Jungle Woman vs Safari Jane


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Description of Jungle Woman vs Safari Jane :

Jungle Woman (played by Hollywood in a tiger print two piece - which really
does justice to her great looking body) is spending some time in the city
at a friend's house. This video starts out with her casing the house's back
yard. After determining everything is in order, she sits down in a chair to
relax and enjoy the sunshine. Unbeknownst to her, her arch enemy, Safari
Jane, (played by a hot looking Robin dressed in cargo pants, a white bikini
top and a short jacket) has followed her into the city and has tracked her
down. She sneaks up behind Jungle Woman and places her in a sleeper hold,
knocking her out. Jane picks her up and carries her over her shoulder into
the house. Jane lays our unconscious heroine across the sofa and attempts
to tie her up. While Jane concentrates on securing Jungle Woman for
transporting, Jungle Woman wakes up and in a weird twist of fate, uses
Jane's knife to stab her. While Jane writhes in pain on the floor, Jungle
Woman makes her escape. But when Jungle Woman returns with her knife to
finish off Safari Jane, She finds Jane has recovered enough to hide by the
door and stabs her when she enters the room, leaving her out cold on the
floor. The next 20 minutes of this video are an exciting fight between two
hot babes using knives (fortunately, it's a fantasy fight, the stabbings
aren't fatal and each girl recovers quickly and continues on). Sometimes
they start out with a test of strength or a wrestling lockup or even a
bearhug. Sometimes one girl has a knife, sometimes both girls have knives.
Sometime they wrestle for awhile using holds such as leg scissors, full
nelsons, body punches arm bars, even a camel clutch. Sometimes it appears
one girl will win but the other girl pulls out a surprise and manages to
stab her opponent. For 20 minutes the fight rages on with each girl being
stabbed many times and looking super hot lying helpless on the floor or
draped over a piece of furniture. Finally, Safari Jane manages to knock out
Jungle Woman and ties her up. But when she wakes our gorgeous heroine up
and attempts to take her into captivity, Jungle Woman comes alive and the
fight is renewed one last time.  Has Jungle Woman enough left in her to
escape, or has Safari Jane finally captured Jungle Woman for good???? You
will have to buy this video to find out, won't you. Either way, it is a
great video to watch.



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