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HP-433 "Justice Served"

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Description of "Justice Served":

Nicole and Hollywood are sitting around discussing their recent adventure in jail. Nicole is wearing a small pink bikini and Hollywood has a pink bra and a tiny pink skirt on. Both girls look totally HOT. It seems that they did not finish paying their lawyer's bill. As they discuss the conditions that they endured in jail, the front door rattles. When Hollywood opens it, their lawyer comes in. Hollywood is surprised to see him and even asks why he is there. Of course he is there to collect the $200 the two girls owe him. Both girls go off on him stating that no one goes to jail for 30 days for jaywalking(but for his incompetence). He feebly tries to defend himself insisting that he earned his fee. Hollywood loses her patience with him and a kick to his stomach drops him to the ground. At this point both girls attack the poor lawyer, determined to teach him a lesson. They use a series of leg scissors, body punches, arm bars, choke holds, and kicks to the stomach. Still the lawyer continues to antagonize the two girls, even as his face turns bright red from the leg scissors and face sitting. Hollywood takes his breath away with her tits. They even put him in a surf board hold with each girl pulling on an arm and having a foot in his back. they attempt to stretch him out with one girl pulling his arms and the other pulling his legs. Still he continues to mouth off and puts up a feeble defense. At one point Nicole holds him while Hollywood does some punching and then the girls change positions. Finally they decide to put him to sleep with a double face sit (what a way to go!!!!). Both girls sit on his face, singing to him as he loses consciousness. This is the video for you if you want to see two sexy girls with perfect bodies take it to a totally incompetent lawyer.

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