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TITLE: Jessie B vs Hollywood Part 1 COST: 6 TOKENS ~ 5.5 MINUTES

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TITLE: Jessie B vs Hollywood Part 2 COST: 6 TOKENS ~ 5.5 MINUTES

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TITLE: Jessie B vs Hollywood Complete COST: 12 TOKENS 11:29 MINUTES

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Description of HP-868:

It's a battle of the rookie vs the veteran! Jessie B is dressed in a red one piece, black net stockings, and black boots and is ready to take on Hollywood, dressed in all black with black wrestling boots. After a brief introduction, the two ladies start with a test of strength. Hollywood tries to cheat by biting Jessie, which doesn't end well as Jessie takes the advantage and applies pressure to the hold forcing Hollywood to her knees. Hollywood counters with a low blow and attempts to put the youngster out with a sleeper hold, a wicked hair pull ends that quickly and the struggle continues. Both ladies grapple and struggle to take the advantage in this match with plenty of wrestling moves like arm bar, the keister bounce, leg scissors, knee to the back, belly punches, figure four leg lock, and much, much more. DOes the veteran win the day or does the youngster have her number? Get this amazing video and find out!!




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