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HP-736 The Brooch




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Description of HP-736:

Hollywood and Cheryl (lightning) have been hired to guard a valuable brooch. Being over confident, they are sun bathing in the backyard. Hollywood in a tiny silver bikini and Cheryl in a black bikini. They hear a noise in the house. Hollywood puts on her gun belt, black boots and goes to investigate sending Cheryl in to change clothes. Hollywood sneaks up behind the crook. Telling him to put his hands in the air, she calls Cheryl to tell her she has everything under control. But as Hollywood turns, the burglar knocks the gun out of her hand and proceeds to beat her up. After throwing Hollywood to the floor, the crook straddles her and starts punching her. Cheryl enters the room, she put on tiny black shorts, and knocks the thief out. After helping the dazed Hollywood up, Cheryl is sent to look for any accomplices. But when Hollywood attempts to tie the crook up, he surprises her again, knocking her out. He then picks her up and puts her in a chair. Cheryl returns to find Hollywood still out. When she touches Hollywood, she falls to the floor. Cheryl then leaves the room to find the crook. Her anger toward Hollywood’s incompetence makes her careless. As she enters the bedroom, the crook catches her off guard and starts beating her up. This time Hollywood comes to the rescue, knocking the crook out. Together they carry him into the living room and start to tie him up. But then the two guards begin arguing and get into a terrible fight. And what a fight it is. Two gorgeous girls in tiny outfits using nasty holds on each other. They throw each other around the room, use leg scissors, belly punching , camel clutches, sleeper holds, KO punches and more, back and forth it goes. This outstanding struggle makes up the majority of this video. But meanwhile, they loose track of the crook. Where does he go?  Do the girls join sides in time to catch the crook or does he get away and find "The Brooch"? 


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