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Arresting Crooks Made Easy


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Both Parts are approx. 10 minutes long , 61 MB, and are 15 tokens each.

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Description of Arresting Crooks Made Easy: In this video, our heroine, the beautiful Hollywood playing a Sheriff, is
attempting to make a simple arrest. Peter has had a warrant out on him for
quite awhile and Hollywood figures it is time he paid for his crimes. After
finding out where Peter is hiding out, Hollywood tracks him down and
quietly sneaks into the crook's lair. She is ready for action with her gun
drawn. After quickly surveying the premises she places her gun in her
holster. At this point, she gets a little greedy and decides to see if
there is any stolen loot hidden in Peter's hideout. She finds an envelope
with some money but before she can leave, Peter enters the room and slugs
her from behind sending her to the floor out cold. Peter rolls her over and
takes back his loot. When he leaves the room to get a rope to tie the
beautiful Sheriff up, she revives, hides by the door and surprises Peter.
As he returns, with rope in hand, Hollywood says, "Put your hands up" But
before she can get him out the front door, he knocks the gun out of her
hand and a fierce fight is on. As tough as Hollywood is, Peter stuns her
with a punch and she falls on her back across the coffee table. After a
couple of aborted attempts to continue the fight, Hollywood is left out
cold on the couch as Peter leaves them room to get something that will
permanently knock her out before he ties her up. Before he returns,
Hollywood comes to her senses enough to escape through the front door while
she can. But our heroine is as determined as she is gorgeous. She tries
three more times, each one in a different sexy outfit, each time using a
different approach, but obviously with little success. These attempts
include body punching, lift and carries, leg scissors,sleeper holds, full
nelson, eye gouging, even an old west shootout (our pretty Sheriff gets
wounded)   But this girl never gives up. The word "Quit" isn't part of her
vocabulary. But one wonders just how many times can she return before she
is successful ? Or will Peter finally succeed in putting her out of
commission permanently? With each attempt our sexy  Sheriff shows up in a
different HOT outfit showing her terrific figure at its best. Part of the
appeal of this video is watching Hollywood in her various Sheriff's
outfits. It is plain fun just to see what sexy outfit Hollywood will wear
next as she makes arrest attempt after arrest attempt. You know she will
look hot no matter what she has on!! But will she be able to make the



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