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Description of Hollywood vs Afrika:

Hollywood and Afrika await the beginning of their ring match as both claim to be the superior wrestler, and both proclaim that they will be kicking butt! The chances of finding a more gorgeous bad girl in the ring than Hollywood: doubtful. The chances of finding a more powerful babe to oppose her than Afrika: even more doubtful!!!
The two vixens meet in the center of the ring and engage, but Afrika immediately overpowers Hollywood and slams her to the mat! Hollywood fights back and dishes out some punishment herself, but Afrika tosses her into the corner and the real punishment begins. Hollywood mounts another offensive, but it is cut short when Afrika slams her fists into Hollywood's outstretched belly. Afrika works Hollywood's midsection with stomps and kicks. She lifts Hollywood in the air and slams poor Hollywood to the mat. It appears that Afrika is going to be relentless in her attack as she really works over a rapidly weakening Hollywood. A vicious clothesline sends Hollywood reeling, then Afrika begins more corner work. Hollywood is twisted and pummeled by a dominant Afrika, and the theme is No Mercy.
Afrika basks in her glory as Hollywood is used to mop the ring. Hollywood moans and groans are only muffled by the crushing chokeholds her powerful foe applies. Hollywood gets in a few good punches, but it only serves to anger her well built adversary. An airplane spin leaves Hollywood disoriented, and when Afrika puts Hollywood in the ropes and starts to destroy her with knee strikes to the body, one can only hope for referee intervention. Unfortunately, there is no referee!
Afrika goes over the edge and Hollywood finds herself shrieking in pain as her curvaceous body suffers tortuous stretches, arm bars, and dangerously applied chokes. Hollywood is soon reduced to a mere ragdoll, and Afrika reigns triumphant in victory. Afrika poses as she flexes her impressive biceps and begins delivering lip service to add insult to injury.
But it is never a good idea to count Bad Girl Hollywood out!!! While Afrika asserts herself as a braggert, Hollywood sneaks up and locks a tight sleeperhold on the muscular babe. Now Hollywood, quite possibly the sexiest woman ever to enter the ring, puts on her own wrestling show. Afrika is now on the receiving end as Hollywood pays her back...with interest!!! Afrika tries to scramble as Hollywood wroks her abs with punches and kicks. The mat becomes a familiar place as Afrika learns that Hollywood has not only beauty, but the brawn to back it up. Hollywood mixes up scientific wrestling holds with good old fashioned punches and kicks as she keeps poor Afrika scurrying to save herself.
After Hollywood k.o.s Afrika, she reveals complete content with herself as her most wicked side comes out. The rest of this video showcases Hollywood's uncanny ability as a heel as she shows no quarter for her foe. Afrika is reduced to a babbling mess as we are treated to a beatdown by our fav gorgeous grapplin' gal Hollywood!


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