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HP-062 Grand Illusion


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Description of Grand Illusion:

Two gorgeous magicians assistants show up back stage, and find out they are up for the same job. Needless to say, neither is pleased about this at all, and soon all hell breaks loose. Hollywood and Barbara are soon at each others throats, and battling it out in a wrestling contest, where the loser has to be put in the backstage magic tricks.

These two really go at it with one another, and neither has any intention of losing a fall, being subjected to the magic tricks. Hollywood loses first and Barbara puts her in the guillotine. Barbara has fun with this seeing Hollywood scream out in terror, thinking her head is going to be chopped right off of her luscious body.

Hollywood took exception to this abuse, and battles back to win the next fall. She decides to saw Barbara in half! Barbara like Hollywood earlier, isn't liking this at all, and screams out in horror as Hollywood runs the saw right across her ample breasts. This  one is not only for fans of women's wrestling. This one is also for fans of great magic tricks and illusions!

In the end, only one lovely lady is able to get the job, as the other is left shackled and bound. While the gloating winner prances off to the stage.

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