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HP-250 Hollywood vs Eve

"The Death Match"

Ring Match


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Description of Hollywood vs Eve "The Death Match" - Ring Match:

Hollywood and Eve face off in another spectacular Ring Match. A little discussion between the two vixens leads to friction as Eve tells Hollywood she is quite confident that she would prevail in a wrestling match. Hollywood call her out of course, and the two enter the ring and begin stretching as they prepare for their match.

The match begins and it becomes evident that Hollywood is the more skilled of the two wrestlers. She gives Eve a good beatdown as she demonstrates her superior ability. The two hard bodies engage in a hard fought battle and k.o.s are dealt out as Eve whimpers as Hollywood divulges her bad girl alter ego. Sleepers, scissors, chokes, belly punches, and other brutalities are flung about with reckless abandon. Eve appears outgunned as Hollywood continues to score multiple k.o.s

However, Eve takes a break and resorts to foul play as she taints the bottled water which she provides to her ring foe. Hollywood continues her onslaught as the match resumes, but finds herself somewhat weakened and disoriented. As chance may be, Eve capitalizes on her weakness and begins to even the score as she works over a reeling Hollywood with her own arsenal of punches, stomps, chokes, scissors, and vicious sleepers. Hollywood is repeatedly k.o.ed and unknowingly attempts to refresh herself with more of the spiced up spring water.

Eve really gets her licks in as she dominates a compromised Hollywood and wipes the mats with her beleagured opponent. But even in her weakened state, Hollywood demands a rematch when she is "feeling better", but this only drives Eve to clamp a sleeper on her and leave her limp and k.o.ed on the canvas. If you're a fan of Hollywood ring matches, you won't want to miss this one!!!








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