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HP-614 Hell's Belles




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Description of HP-614:

Hell hath no fury like a woman swindled! An illicit rendezvous turns into a deadly deception when a raucous rogue (Christina C) attempts to make an unlawful exchange with an underhanded gunrunner (Hollywood). Tempers flare when the brazen brunette discovers she’s been shafted — and intends to get her money’s worth out of the curvaceous crook’s hide! The claws (and knives!) come out (and the clothes come off!) as these two bodacious babes battle it out with brawn & boobs! Chokes, headlocks, belly punches, arm bars, and devastating leg scissors are par for the course and no beautiful body part goes unscathed when these two feral furies lock arms (and toned thighs) and go at it tooth-and-nail in a winner-takes-all fight to the finish!


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